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Al Sawt Al Jadeed Consulting specializes in rehabilitating organizations and institutions,
helping them adopt the best tools and innovative knowledge to thrive in rapidly evolving societies.

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We offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations.

Our technical programs enhance employee efficiency and performance, while our strategic planning, culture formulation, and restructuring expertise improve institutional systems for sustainable growth.

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At Al Sawt Al Jadeed Consulting, we are dedicated to revitalizing organizations.

Our mission is to guide and empower them with the right strategies, tools, and interventions to overcome stagnation and ensure long-term success.

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Meet Our Expert Team

Amani Al Dosari

General Manager of New Voice Consulting Company

Internal and external corporate communication consultant.
Experience working with the international organizations’ community since 2002 and in the field of institutional media, in addition to building social communication for institutions and strengthening their relationship with the community since 2007.
Extensive experience in formulating strategies, organizing and implementing sports events and tournaments.
Experience designing media plans and internal and external media programs for institutions and supervising their implementation and evaluation.

Ridha Krizi

Program Consultant and Trainer

Ridha has been a professional translator and interpreter since 1988. He has joined the roster of contract interpreters with the U.S. Department of State in 2011. As conference interpreter, some of his clients were US National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, the American Federation of Labor – Consortium of Industrial Organizations, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Capital Communications Group, and most major US television networks as well as Al Jazeera TV.
Ridha is also a Certified Scrum Master and a Certified Agile Leader. At the University of Maryland, he served as Program Coordinator for the Arabic Language Flagship Program, with a grant from the US Department of Defense. From 2005 to 2010, he coordinated material development teams, introducing and training his colleagues in the AGILE methodology, to maximize development team output and avoid the pitfalls and delays that come with traditional methods.
He holds a BA and an MA in translation from the University of Tunis, and he has taught translation and interpretation in a number of higher education institutions in Tunisia, Spain, and more recently at the University of Maryland.

Ahmad Abdelalim

Program Consultant and Trainer

Over 20 years experience working with Egyptian civil society in the field of capacity building, human rights, strategic planning, good governance, rights-based approach, gender, communication skills, advocacy and project management cycle.
Over 18 years working with refugees and migrants from different nationalities in Egypt.
Intensive expertise in developing & designing training materials and facilitating training workshops for adults, children and youth workers in particular in education and protection program.
Working with vulnerable children and disadvantaged children (Egyptian and displaced/refugee children), designing, and implementing cultural/educational programs.
Expertise on PRA Research and development and needs assessment analysis.
Writing on key issues relating to children in the Arab world.
Commitment to empowering civil society engagement for development.
Commitment to empowering children through participatory methods.

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